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We are world leaders in animal management policy and research. Primarily, this relates to the integration of dogs and cats as pets into the urban environment.

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest techniques and will advise you on the best approaches for your area or organisation.

Our work on pet friendly housing design and the integration of dogs into public open space are world firsts and have been widely published including in international peer reviewed journals.

Our Director, Virginia Jackson is regularly asked to speak on animal management issues at conferences and seminars around Australia and overseas. She is a member of the Australian Veterinary Association’s Committee for Companion Animals in the Community. She is also a member of the Local Government Managers Association (LGMA) and the Australian Institute of Animal Management (AIAM).

For further information about this service please contact us.


  » The development of strategic animal management plans.

  » Community consultation on animal management issues.

  » Integration of dogs into public open space (including selection and evaluation of
      leash free areas, purpose designed dog exercise areas).

  » Advice on specific issues, eg cat control and management.

  » The design and development of pet friendly suburbs.

  » In-house training of animal management staff.

  » Original research on a range of animal management issues.


"The Mount Alexander Shire Council contracted Harlock Jackson to undertake the community consultation phase relating to the preparation of councils Domestic Animal Management Plan. At the time of engagement, Virginia Jackson was advised of the extremely rigid timelines that enveloped this project and was totally receptive to this. At all times throughout the project, Virginia remained in these timelines and provided all documentation in a timely manner. She attended many meetings both with internal staff, council meetings and external stakeholder meetings.

Virginia also showed a great depth of knowledge in not only the community engagement process but also in the field of Animal Management and Local Government. Virginia was able to provide relevant, achievable and expert advice throughout the project. Her engagement and communication skills at the consultation sessions showed a great depth of knowledge but also provoked further discussions by stakeholders that had attended. She also attended a council briefing session and provided professional and clear guidance to the councillors which was very well received by them and gave council confidence in the preparation of the Domestic Animal Management Plan.

I would highly recommend Virginia and her company for good value for your money and for the expertise, communication, availability and adherence to agreed timelines."

Veronica Abbot - Mount Alexander Shire Council